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The Shift from Fear to Love is a Miracle

Here’s an absolutely amazing quote from ‘A Return to Love’ by Marianne Williamson. A very inspirational book that we all could benefit from beyond measure!

“When we were born, we were programed perfectly.  We had a natural tendency to focus on love. Our imaginations were creative and flourishing, and we knew how to use them. We were connected to a world much richer to the one we connect to now, a world full of enchantment and a sense of miraculous. So what happened? Why is it that we reached a certain age, looked around, and the enchantment was gone? Because we were taught to focus elsewhere. We were taught to think unnaturally. We were taught a very bad philosophy, a way of looking at the world that contradicts who we are… the moment of surrender is not when life is over. It’s when it begins… the world has become a rather loveless place. We can hardly even imagine a world where all of us were in love, all the time, with everyone. There would be no wars because we wouldn’t fight. There would be no hunger because we would feed each other. There would be no environmental breakdown because we would love ourselves, our children and our planet too much to destroy it. There would be no prejudice, oppression or violence of any kind. There would be no sorrow. There would only be peace. .. fear is to love as darkness is to light… love casts out sin or fear the way light casts out darkness. The shift from fear to love is a miracle… love in your mind produces love in your life. This is the meaning of Heaven. Fear in your mind produces fear in your life. This is the meaning of hell… the return to love is not the end of life’s adventure, but the beginning. It’s the return to who you really are.”

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